About Me


Hey, I'm Katie.


I'm a freelance brand strategist based in Portland, Oregon with a Masters in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford. I've always been interested in people and their cultural differences. Growing up in a military family and moving 16 times across the US, Italy, and UK meant I had to be adaptable. 

Firsthand experience of cultural variation has convinced me that it's time for marketers to move past stale consumer profiles and tropes. People are more complex, varied, and individual than we make them out to be. To create really resonant products, we need to delve into the underlying cultural systems of meanings, practices, and values that make up markets. For that reason, I'm interested in looking into the cultural values which inform consumption, identity, space, place, and movement.

By digging into these values, I can help brands identify and forecast trends, highlight disconnects in brand messaging, reveal consumer values, and understand how and why their competitors are perceived in certain ways.

I'm applying this thinking for local startups, design shops, consultancies, and advertising agencies. I'd love to help with your brand.

If you want to know more about my current work, here’s my resume.