Here’s some nice things I’ve been told by my clients, colleagues, and partners.

"I enjoy working with Katie because she is very intelligent, organized, always on time, and can take a tornado of data/words/ideas and put them succinctly onto a page. She's also very easy to work with, something we value above all else."

“Katie is one of the brightest young minds I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to think strategically stretches far beyond her title, from building brand strategies to identifying specific tactical platform opportunities. And it's all based on hard data, cultural research and insightful human truths. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Katie, and I have no doubt she will go extremely far in whatever she pursues in the future.”

“Katie is simply a gem to work with”

“OMG - Katie is REALLY good. Her research has uncovered very interesting fodder to share with the client as they move forward. What a find!”